Need assistance with your TRACKS account?

To assist you with creating your account or resolving an issue with your existing account, please select the item below that best describes the issue.

  • I am a newly admitted Melbourne campus Student at Florida Tech and need access to pay fees or access registration information. Proceed to PantherPass

  • I am a newly admitted Continuing Education, Extended Studies or Online Learning Student and I have not received my account information nor have I activated my account. Proceed to activate your tracks account

  • I know my TRACKS username but my password does not work, Reset your TRACKS Account

  • I do NOT know my TRACKS username or I am not sure...Submit a Support Request

  • I know both my TRACKS username and password. I want to change my password.

  • I have a TRACKS account but my password has expired. Proceed to Change your Expired TRACKS Account Password.

  • I am an Alumnus or a former Student requiring access to PAWS ( and I do not have a TRACKS account. Proceed to PAWS Account Conversion

  • I am a Florida Tech Staff or Faculty member and I would like to request a new TRACKS account for a guest, volunteer, or temporary employee who does not currently have an account. Proceed to TRACKS Account Request System

  • None of the above descriptions describe my problem. Please submit a request for assistance or call the Technology Support Center at (321) 674-7284.
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