I'm an alumni, a current student, or a prospective student. Should I have a TRACKS account?

Alumni and Former Students

Former Students (Alumni and Students who have previously attended Florida Tech) who need to access PAWS (Panther Access Web System) and know their PAWS ID and PIN will have to perform a PAWS Account Conversion. To convert your PAWS ID, go here:

PAWS Account Conversion 

If you do not know your PAWS ID or do not have one, please contact Technology Support Center by phone at 321-674-7284 or by email at techsupport@fit.edu, or by web at https://support.fit.edu/tsc


All students should be assigned a TRACKS account upon acceptance into the university. If you know your TRACKS username, then proceed to Reset Your TRACKS Account. For Melbourne Campus students, if you have not obtained your account information, please contact Technology Support Center by phone at 321-674-7284, by email at techsupport@fit.edu, or by web at https://support.fit.edu/tsc.

Extended Campus and Virtual Campus Students,

You should contact your site administrator if you have not yet received your account. The Extended Studies departments directory can be reached by going to http://es.fit.edu/ or by calling 321-674-8263.

Prospective Students

Prospective Students will receive a TRACKS account with limited capabilities, primarily for accessing PAWS (Panther Access Web System) and Panther Pass. To activate your TRACKS account, go here: Activate TRACKS Account

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