What does this error code I received in Panther Pass mean?

There are normally seven different error messages that can occur within Panther Pass. Below is a description of what they mean, and how to go about resolving the issue:

  • Error: 1000 - Missing student number and/or Banner PIDM in LDAP
    • Solution: Please contact the Technology Support Center at (321) 674-7284.
  • Error: 1010 - Missing graduate/undergraduate status in Panther Pass Banner view.
  • Error: 1020 - Missing major in Panther Pass Banner view.
  • Error: 1030 - Missing arrival term in Panther Pass Banner view.
  • Error: 1070 - Arrival term has not been created in Panther Pass yet.
  • Error: 1080 - No record in Panther Pass Banner view.
    • Solution:
      • For incoming undergraduate students, please contact the Office of Undergrduate Admissions at admission@fit.edu or call (321) 674-8030.
      • For incoming graduate students, please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions at grad-admissions@fit.edu or call (321) 674-8027.
  • Error: 1050 - Not required to complete Panther Pass.
    • Solution: You are not required to complete Panther Pass for your program of study.

For all other technical problems with Panther Pass, please contact our Web Services department by filling out a support request here.

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