What resources can my TRACKS account access?

Current students, staff, and faculty can use their TRACKS accounts to access many services at Florida Tech. Your TRACKS account and password are used for Florida Tech Google Applications, Florida Tech email (@fit.edu/@my.fit.edu), Computer Labs in the Olin Engineering and Olin Life Sciences buildings, the Computer Sciences open lab (EC272), and all desktops using the FLTECH domain to log on to the campus network.

The following table indicates which systems the TRACKS account is used to access and where these systems are located. (As new systems are integrated with TRACKS all the time, this list does not intend to be exhaustive.)

Services for TRACKS Accounts



Canvas https://canvas.fit.edu
Campus Calendar http://calendar.fit.edu
Google Applications https://my.fit.edu
Panther Pass https://pantherpass.fit.edu
Access Florida Tech https://access.fit.edu
Safety Alerts https://campus.fit.edu/alerts/
TerminalFour (T4) CMS https://t4.fit.edu
Web Content Management System https://wcms.fit.edu
Office 365 https://portal.office.com
Sharepoint Online https://fltech.sharepoint.com
Sharepoint https://sharepoint.fit.edu
Outlook Web Email (Exchange) https://ex.fit.edu
SSH on code01.fit.edu How to use SSH on olin.fit.edu or code.fit.edu.
UDrive File Share How can I access my UDrive?
UDrive Cloud https://cloud.fit.edu
Personal Web Pages How to create a personal web page.
GitHub Enterprise https://github.fit.edu
Florida Tech Online Classes https://login.bisk.com/login?g=true&s=1
Licensed Databases and Indexes https://lib.fit.edu

On-Campus Only Services for TRACKS Accounts



Door Access https://campus.fit.edu/doors

Multimedia Classrooms

140PS, 144PS, A110, P133, EC118, EC127, EC128, EC130, EC132, EC137, EC228, EC229, LS129, LS130, S210, S220, S230, S401, S402, S403, S404, Q14, Q16, Q17, Q18, E250, IT Training Room
Computing Labs
EC127, EC128, EC130, EC132, EC228, EC229, Q14, IT Training Room
Safety Alerts https://campus.fit.edu/alerts
CyberDen Computers Rathskeller in Evans Hall
Library Public Computers Evans Library
Open Computer Lab (ACC) Evans Library
Network Registration System https://gatekeeper.fit.edu/clientreg
Open Computer Lab EC132
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