How do I request more information from an event manager for an event?

To request information for an EMS event, you use the Request Event Info option on the Manage Events page to request information from the Event Requester for a selected event that has been pulled into the Master Calendar from an EMS Room Reservation System.

  • On the Admin menu, point to Events and Special Dates, and then click Manage Events.
  • Click the EMS tab to open it. This tab shows all the events that have been pulled from an EMS database into Master Calendar via a connector.
  • Select the event or events for which you need more information from the EMS Contact, and then under Action, click Request Event Info.
  • The Request Event Info dialog box opens.
  • Eneter any questions that you would like to request of the EMS Contact, and then click Send.
  • Click OK in the prompt about sending an email to request more information.
  • Click OK in the confirmation message.

The email is sent to the Event Requester for the selected event. The email contains a "Fill Out More Info" link that the Event Requester can clcik to open an Additional Info page on which they can enter or edit information.

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