How do I add a user to the scanner destinations on my Ricoh multi-function printer?

How to add an email recipient to the local address list on a Ricoh Multi-function Printer*

  1. Press Scanner option and enter your User Code if required.
  2. Press Prg. Dest.,which appears on the right side of the screen, above [To…Cc…Bcc].
  3. Press Change to the right of the blank email address. Enter the send-to email address you wish to program.Press OK. Be very careful when entering text! Only a Print Services administrator can delete entries in the Ricoh Address Book.
  4. Press Names.
  5. Press the top Change tab; enter the full name associated with the email address. Press OK.
  6. Next to Key Display, either use the same name as above or press Change to enter a nickname to be displayed on the screen—up to a maximum of 12 characters for Key Display.
  7. If this is a hallway machine used by people from multiple departments, de-select Frequent so it is not highlighted.  (A limited number of names can appear on the Frequent screen. Be a good citizen and use the Frequent screen only if the Ricoh resides in your department office!)
  8. Press OK and the Destination is now programmed into the Address Book. The name will appear under the Alpha tab group for the Department.
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